Juliana is an (adorable) brazilian actress, SINGER, dancer based in both NY and L.A. She moved to the big apple after an extensive life of dance in São Paulo, where she got her degree in Classical Ballet by the Royal Academy of Dance. In 2011, Juliana applied to New York's Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where she got accepted for their 2 Years Conservatory and graduated in 2013.


Ever since, Juliana's theatrical credits have included the lead role of "Deidre" in Painted Woman (a Rock Musical), New Stage Theatre Company's 'Garden of Delights' (IT Awards nominee) , 'Day of The Feast', the OfF-BROADWAY 'BABEL' (Convergences theatre collective Company member) and 'NO place’ (fury factory festival in san francisco). SHe also got a nomination as best actress for the brazilian international press awards 2017. Juliana believes in creating intelligent, educational and inspiring work for both theatre and film.


Think of a brave and bright character, with a fun touch of Brazilian charm :)