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The trailer for the feature film "Cacaya" that Juliana is in as the role of Protoé, is now out. Here's a note from the director Peter Azen: 

Trailer for my film Cacaya.
A film that in my opinion is very relevant with everything that is going on, as it is a film about immigration, abuse, repression, depression.
Film is having its South American Premiere in a month at Festival Ecrã, in MAM-RJ (Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro- Brazil).



"CACAYA" a feature film by Peter Azen

Today Juliana got a message from the director Peter Azen, saying that she got cast for his feature film CACAYA!! Yey!! This feature film will be shot during the weekends of April. This is Juliana's first role in a feature film, and she's very excited to be part of it.

Juliana worked with Peter Azen's short movie "The Queue", which will be screening at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the month. CACAYA is an Illium Pictures' production.