To all Brazilians in NYC ( and those who would love to know more about the Brazilian culture) this weekend we celebrated the Festa Junina (June Festival) - the Brazilian part in celebrating the nativity of St. John the Baptist! These festivities, which were introduced by the Portuguese during the colonial period (1500-1822), are celebrated during the month of June nationwide both in Brazil and Portugal. The feast is mainly celebrated on the eves of the Catholic solemnities ofSaint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Peter.

Juliana was invited by the Brazilian ONG, CASA PACA, to perform a play about the folk theatrical tradition "Bumba Meu Boi"! The tale is told through the music, the costumes and drumming involving a bull, which dies and is brought back to life. It was a beautiful celebration!

This is the 3rd year of CASA PACA's June Festival! To have more information about the party, please visit their Facebook Page or Website