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Today is the day for one of those super inspiring posts, with beautiful stories, the kind that makes you want to tell everyone!! As you know, I love posts like this, showing a little of what we have here good!! Today I will tell the story of Juliana Suaide.

Since she was a kid, Suaide Juliana from Sao Paulo, 23, identifies with Broadway musicals and Disney. Also, always had the desire to be an actress and doing theater. When children performed some dramatic scenes for grandparents who loved and gave much support.

Still in Sao Paulo, Juliana majored in Classical Ballet at “Estudio de Ballet Cisne Negro”, where she participated in musicals like 'Mary Poppins' and dance performances as 'Don Quixote'. Moreover, in 2008 and 2009 she participated in the final phase of the dance competition "Youth American Grand Prix" in the United States by this company. During these two trips had the opportunity to take courses in dance at Alvin Ailey and American Ballet Theatre.

After graduating in Classical Ballet, Juliana was enchanted by the musical theater and did several courses at “TeenBroadway”, in which she had the satisfaction of being directed by Maiza Tempesta, who is an actress, director, singer, dancer and has performed on Broadway in a production of 'A Chorus Line'.

Juliana was already inserted in the art world, so decided to start college for acting at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo”" (PUC-SP). At the end of the second year of studies, the young girl, locked the college and decided to start a professional course in a renowned school focused on musical theater, 4Act Performing Arts, which was opened in São Paulo. When she was almost graduating from it, she had the opportunity to study at forming The Lee Strasberg Thatre & Film Institute in New York.

In 2011, when she was 21 years old, she decided to follow the dream and left for the United States . This change was not easy. A new country, away from family and friends, but the determination and will of Juliana made er overcome all this and move on. Starting studies at the Lee Strasberg Film Institute Thatre & NYC , the young actress was gaining experience and standing . Starred in films by the New York Film Academy, like ' Dinner Night' and short ' Marriage '. Sang at Bound for Broadway in NYC, by JDProductions . In addition to starring parts in ' The White Man is the right Man ,' ' History of Toys' and the musical ' Gayuranus ' .

For Juliana , who is majoring in singing and already graduated in Classical Ballet , Contemporary and Jazz , is a pleasure to do what she likes and still get recognition for all your hard work . She does not have a single idol, for her the body language , the physical work of the actor during the performance is 75% of the performance . So , Charlie Chaplin and Giulietta Masina are some of the passions of Juliana. " I always have my points of reference , but sometimes change my opinion about some actors that surprised me a lot , after all ' I prefer to be a metamorphosis than to have that old opinion about everything ,'" says the actress .

Juliana is an example of dedication and talent . This actress, singer and dancer is leaving its mark in the United States and following rise to stardom on Broadway .

The next day December 28th she will be part of the Christmas gospel 'All I need the God ' and is already rehearsing the play ' A Moment in Time' to debut in February in New York . So who are traveling there this season already has a great tour option .

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